Listening Exercise 2 - Meditation on a Cartoon or Sketch:

  1. Acknowledge the presence of the Holy Spirit in you. Tell him you want to hear what God wants you to know. Invite him to speak to you through these cartoons and sketches.

  2. Some people respond to words, others to pictures. Do not be worried or concerned if you find it hard to 'hear' anything during this session. But do try - don't use this as an excuse.

  3. Look closely at each picture, responding as you feel the truth of what it says to you. Think of what it reveals to you of God's character, or something about yourself, and allow him to speak into any needs you may have and touch you with his love. Do not try to analyse the picture - that would be your thoughts rather than God's.

  4. For each picture record in your journal anything he says, or anything you 'see' or feel, and your response to it. Then move on to the next picture.

Repeat this exercise regularly, using your favourite cartoons and drawings.

Cartoon 1

Truth and Lies

Cartoon 2

Truth and Beauty

Sketch 1

Jesus Laughing

Jesus Laughing, copyright 1977 Praise Screen Prints, used with permission

Sketch 2

Jesus and Child