Listening Exercise 6 - Hearing God's Voice with Others:

Guidelines for Group Prayer

  1. Each small group will be given the first name of someone for whom you are to pray.

  2. The intention is that together you listen to God on behalf of this person, recording what the Lord gives you.

  3. One person will be appointed to lead the group. They will guide the group.

  4. Appoint a Scribe, someone with clear handwriting who is able to quickly and accurately record exactly what is being shared.

  5. Invite the Holy Spirit to be present and lead the whole session. Allow time for each person to quietly confess any sin the Holy Spirit reveals. Claim the cleansing of the blood of Jesus and its protection for each person and their families. Give time to silently name the family members.

  6. Pray that the Lord will bless the person for whom you are praying. Pray they will be open to the Lord and His healing. Pray that any powers of darkness which could hinder this will be bound. The Lord may reveal specific demonic spirits which need to be addressed.

  7. Take time to wait silently on the Lord after these opening prayers. Do not be concerned or strive to receive something. The Holy Spirit works in many different ways and gives different gifts. At different times different people in the group will be used. Be willing to share what you have even if you feel very unsure. This is a safe learning environment and what is shared will be checked and prayed into. Words of Scripture; pictures; the verse of a song; a word or phrase; a feeling or idea; a pain or sensation in the physical body; a tongue with its interpretation are the more common ways you may hear from the Lord. Do not hold back because you don't understand or think it doesn't fit.

  8. If something negative is revealed, share and wait for confirmation from another in the group. Ask for clarity and confirmation. If it is not confirmed, leave it with the Lord. If it is confirmed pray into the situation, asking the Lord to bring about the opposite, eg. If it is fear, pray for perfect love to cast out that fear. Pray with the opposite spirit, pray truth to counteract lies, faith where there is doubt, etc.

  9. There may be a real heaviness and pressure at times in the group. Come with praise and spiritual warfare until this lifts. Declare the truth that brings freedom, using the Word of God as the Lord gives scriptures. We have authority in the name of Jesus against all interfering spirits.

  10. Learn to function as a team, agreeing together in prayer. Be sensitive to each others' way of praying.

  11. The Scribe records on the sheet all that happens in the prayer time in the order that it happens. Be as accurate as possible, especially with references and pictures. Do not group types together.

  12. Five minutes before the conclusion of this listening exercise spend time waiting quietly before the Lord to check that everything He has said or shown has been recorded. The Leader checks through the sheet to make sure it records faithfully what was heard from the Lord during this time.

  13. Do not attempt to interpret what the Lord gives. Ask the Lord to give scripture verses. Only use a concordance if you have a definite verse but can't remember its address.

  14. At the end of the prayer time give back to the Lord all that he has given for the person and ask him to release you from this time and from each other. Close the session with thanks to the Lord.

  15. We will give time for debriefing.