Listening Exercise 7 - Hearing God's Voice for Others:

Guidelines for Group Prayer


  1. Each group will consist of three people.

  2. The intention is that you listen to God on behalf of each other in turn and pass on encouragement and blessing from Him. By the end of this time each person should have "words from the Lord" from the two others.

  3. Allow 5 minutes for prayer together. Invite the Holy Spirit to be present and allow time for each person to quietly confess any sin the Holy Spirit reveals. Claim the cleansing of the blood of Jesus and its protection for each person and their families. Give time to silently name the family members. Ask for the gifts and fruit of the Holy Spirit to be released.

The process:

  1. Persons B and C spend about 3 minutes quietly praying for person A asking God what he wants person A to know at this time. If you think you have heard something negative or critical keep it to yourself - this is a practice exercise for encouragement and blessing.

  2. Do not attempt to interpret what the Lord gives.

  3. Person B shares with person A what they think they have heard from the Lord and person C records on his/her sheet what is heard from the Lord for them.

  4. Person C then shares with Person A while person B records what has been said.

  5. Persons B and C then hand everything they have written to Person A. Don't keep notes.

  6. This will take about 5 minutes.

  7. Persons B and C ask God to release them from prayer for person A, and to forget what they heard.

Repeat the process:

  1. Persons A and C repeat the process (steps 4 to 10) for person B.

Repeat the process:

  1. After this Persons A and B repeat the process (steps 4 to 10) for person C.


  1. At the end of the prayer time give back to the Lord all that has been shared and ask him to release you from this time and from each other. Close the session with thanks to the Lord.

  2. After the completion of this exercise, everything that happened is to be kept confidential and discussed with no-one except a course leader. Only the person who received prayer may mention what they were given if they wish.

  3. We will give time for debriefing with the main group.