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A Poem

Time with God

I am listening to you, Lord Jesus
      listening only to you.
You are my God, my inspiration
      You give a Heavenly view.
I give up my rights, my plans and ideas
      You are free to do
To change and renew
      For a price my life was bought.

This day is all yours - I had a big list
      Do as you will - I'll not insist.
The interruptions - and when forced to Plan C,
      Are all of you, when I'm yielded to Thee.
So take my life and let it be
      Submitted, dependent, with eyes to see
You're my all, my Saviour and Lord.

So when life goes wrong
      You do keep me strong.
Your peace is as real as the day.
      Your love is worth telling and your
            Spirit indwelling
Gives guidance, and comforts stay
      For love knows no bounds,
When the enemy's around
      I can feast on you.
Your table has all that I need.

Your Word has a word for all of life's woes
      For the joys and sorrows we meet.
When to Jesus we come, we have power to become
      As we learn at the Saviour's feet.
He knows all our heart's need and desires
      And all that's happened before.
There is much to learn, to sift and discern,
      But He promises to be at our side.

But if you're not satisfied, with your walk with the Lord
      Maybe it's cos you insist on your own say,
Not trusting God's way
      Keeping corners of life to yourself,
For to walk in the light as He is light
      No secrets or sins can you hide.
To walk with Him tall - Give Him your all,
      And He with you will abide.

      by Heather Harrison

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