A Poem


The Lord knows how to rescue His own
His Word states the promise clearly
Remember friend, though the trials may hurt
He loves you very dearly.

Thank the Lord for what He's given
There are always Blessings to count
When turned to Him with a thankful heart
You begin to climb the mount.

You will not be overwhelmed with care
Nor will you drown with stress
As you look to the Word, and put His way first,
You will find the burdens are less.

Indeed the burdens become His weight
He's able to bear them and you
Give all to Him and learn of Him
And He will carry you through.

When refined in the furnace, so fiery the heat
And when His design is the blaze
The gold that was hidden by dross and the sin
Will show forth to His glory and praise.

The Spirit will take hold of you
As you let Him have His way
The devil will flee, and you will see
That the Lord has won the day.

So give thanks to the Lord wherever you are
For what He's done, and see
His love that is free and perfect and sure
Is for you as well as for me.

      by Heather Harrison