Resource Sheet 2 - Examples of Hearing God's Voice - Peter Lawrence:

(Excerpt from Peter Lawrence, Explaining Hearing from God (The Explaining Series). Tonbridge, Kent: Sovereign World, 2000, pp 13,14)

One weekend in 1991, church attendance was greatly affected by deep snow. All but the major roads were blocked and everyone was advised to stay indoors except for emergencies. I looked forward to a pleasant and relaxing Monday. My children could not get to school; no-one would expect me to visit them; I could stay late in bed and spend the day pottering about.

It was not to be. I awoke at eight o'clock with a sense of urgency all over me. I prayed while still in bed, "Lord, why do I feel like this?" The answering thought in my mind was instant: "Get up immediately. I want you to go and visit Rose in hospital right now." This was an unwelcome idea and very impractical. My garage is built on a steep, narrow incline. My car had not been out for days. My garage door and drive were blocked with four or five feet of snow and the hospital was several miles away.

I reminded God of these facts. Silly, really, but I did my best to argue the case for staying in bed. I lost. The sense of urgency persisted so I arose, dressed, grabbed a cup of coffee and a shovel and made for the garage to the incredulous surprise of my wife, Carol.

"Hospital visit," I offered apologetically with a shrug of the shoulders. "God told me." Carol smiled and kissed me on my way. I took giant steps in my wellies, making deep holes in the snow as I went. The fierce wind had swept large drifts against the garage door and as I began to dig for God, several local teenagers gathered to jeer me on. The car was surprised to see me and reluctant to leap about but eventually, after considerable revving, we rushed backwards down the slope, sliding narrowly past the wall and nearby tree. "Maybe it was God speaking after all," I thought as the car and I made it safely to the hospital.

I was at Rose's bedside by half past nine. The curtains were drawn around her bed as she was unconscious and struggling for breath. Having arrived, I now didn't know what to do. Rose was eighty-four and had been a faithful member of our church for some time. "Pray in tongues," was the suggestion which formed in my mind. I did this for a few minutes then, as I drew to a close, the thought came, "Keep going." As I obeyed, light seemed to come into the area, and power and heat came on my body. "Now," a new thought interrupted me, "now you can lay hands on Rose." I did so gently. Distress on her face seemed to give way to peace. Power flowed through my hands. I prayed my best prayers and committed Rose into the hands of God. After this I stood back and stayed for another five minutes. There seemed to be a powerful yet peaceful spiritual presence. I didn't really want to leave. Rose, though unconscious, seemed to be all right. "You've finished now," came the thought. "You can go." Reluctantly I turned and made my way slowly back to the car. Amazingly I made it home, up the slope and into the garage totally unscathed.

Later Rose's daughter rang me. When they had arrived at ten o'clock the same morning, her mother was dead. As she told me it was difficult not to say I already knew. For some reason God wanted me to be present and pray before Rose died. Maybe in some way it eased her passing, but whatever the reason I felt sure my sense of urgency and the message I received came from God.

Resource Sheet 2 - Examples of Hearing God's Voice - Tracy Williamson:

(Excerpt from Tracy Williamson, Voice of the Father (Hodder Christian Paperbacks). Lond: Hodder & Stoughton,1996, pp. 103-104. Marilyn Baker is a blind singer-songwriter, and Tracy, her deaf companion, is a prophet.)

Marilyn was travelling on her own one day and began to panic when she was waiting for a bus. It was a busy road with cars roaring past all the time making it hard to hear, and when her bus was due several came at once. Eventually someone helped her on but Marilyn still felt very tense and anxious.

Suddenly, the Lord seemed to say to her: 'Why don't you just relax and enjoy the journey? I have got you here safely, I am in charge of every stage of this journey. You could have made it a lot easier for yourself if you hadn't got into such a flap! Just rest in me for I am with you.'

Marilyn was amazed by this. She knew it was the Lord and asked him to forgive her for not trusting him. As she continued listening to him she felt her anxiety melting away. She drank in his peace and love and it seemed almost as if his words were taking shape like a song that he was singing to her.

Rest in my love, relax in my care
And know that my presence will always be there.
You are my child, and I care for you,
There's nothing my love and my power cannot do.

To Marilyn's amazement, she later found that these words fitted exactly into a piece of music she had composed a short time before. When the music had come to her mind she had loved the tune and the feeling behind it, but she couldn't think of any lyrics to fit it. These words were perfectly right.

Since "Rest in my Love" has been recorded people have written countless letters to say how much it has helped them to trust in God and rest their anxieties in him. As Marilyn talked to God and then heard his loving answer, it became a conversation that not only blessed her but countless others.