Purifying the Prophetic – Sanctified Psychic Reading

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  • Donna says:

    Today is the first time I have been on your site. I am still in the testing stage of reading your material but I have printed off the Introduction and Lesson I of “Listening to God.” Background: My husband and I have been in the ministry for over 36 years. We live in the US and have traveled internationally. Personally, I have had prophetic dreams since the age of nine. Your writings are the first I have read that distinguishes between human ability and prophetic utterances while recognizing the validity of our human abilities that come from our spirit made in God’s image. I have taught on this for years because of my own experiences and educational background. I look forward to reading your work and, perhaps, commenting again. God bless you and your love for the Almighty-I love Him so-Donna

  • Archie says:

    I love this blog site! It helps me a lot. Just like KimClement. Please visit KimClement.com because there's a lot information about prophecy, prophet, and etc.


  • Jaden Flores says:

    What i know is that there are real pyschics and bogus pyschics that just wants your money.,.’

  • i have a friend who is a psychic, she is great in prediction and also in remote viewing.`;

  • i can only wish that i were a psychic too which can tell the future and have the power of remote viewing.”.

  • i do admire psychics for their ability to sense some weird stuffs like predict the future or something ,~.

  • I like the compassion here. This gonna be a site that explains and clarify unconscious things that most of humans had a mistake of understanding on it. From now on count me as one of your thousand followers.

  • As a psychic reader, this gonna be important to us. Sometimes unconsciousness misleading us to various things. This gives us better understanding on how to handle things out, how to convert negative elements or feelings into a fruitful things. I’m gonna check your updates from now on…

  • andrea says:

    Hi I down loaded this site at least a year ago,and have now read it….I have been told by many when ever i visited churches and by my present pastor ,that God has anointed me to be a prophet-ss?? .I have had dreams about each job that I had before I got there,and sometimmes ,well from a child I was able to pick up the intentions of people.My mum would say that I was negative,or that I was being silly,until afterwords. One failed marriage later( i CHOSE WITH MY HEART,BUT DID GET A DREAM ABOUT HIS HEART),heart broken,lonley and aged 40,I feel hopeless,and quite like checking out.but I don’t suspect that people know this by looking at me.I love Jesus, and there is obviously no other way to go,but I want to die.at this stage what could possibly be the use of being a prophet??.To go home to an empty house after church is becoming daunting.I no longer like to go out.ONLY WHEN THE SPIRIT OF gOD STARTS TO PUT FIRE IN MY BELLEY DO i EVEN HAVE THE ENERGY OR BOLDNESS TO SPEAK,OR SING OR TESTIFY.WHEN THAT STOPS,I WANT TO HIDE AGAIN .IS THAT BEHAVIOR OF ONE CALLED

  • Annie says:

    I don’t think you need to worry about the prophecy thing. Doubt just makes things more cloudy and more difficult for God to talk to you. The Holy Spirit is smart. If you are supposed to prophecy to someone, and ask God to give you a word, then He will. He won’t make it complicated, or make you second guess yourself. After all, we are supposed to have childlike faith, right?

    To quote one of my favorite authors, Heidi Baker, “God is God and I’m not. Hurray!” Leave all the complicated stuff to Him.

  • Curtis Brown says:

    Am I close to encounter with God, for miracles and blessings? How and when will the Lord Jesus begin to use me, in these lasr days/

  • Readings says:


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