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Dreaming with God – A Sanctified Imagination

Sunday, August 26th, 2007

Since we wrote our Hearing God’s Voice course a number of new books have come our way which touch on aspects of that course. One of them is Bill Johnson’s Dreaming with God.

In chapter 4, The Language of the Spirit, Johnson speaks about the role of a sanctified imagination:

A yielded imagination becomes a sanctified imagination; and it’s the sanctified imagination that is positioned for visions and dreams. there is great paranoia over the use of the imagination in the Church of the Western World. As a result; unbelievers often lead the way in creative expression – through the arts and inventions. They have no bias against imagination. The imagination is like a canvas to a painter. If it’s clean, the artist has much to work with. God would love to use our imagination to paint His impressions upon; He just looks for those who are yielded. However, those who are preoccupied with “not being worthy” are too self-centered to be trusted with much revelation. At some point it has to stop being about us long enough to utilize the benefits of being in Christ for the sake of those around us. Such a position gives us unlimited access to the mysteries of God that enable us to touch the needs of a dying world.

Johnson goes on to outline some of the reasons people do not recognise God speaking to them and some of the ways his voice may be heard.

This book resonates closely with much that we have already taught. I recommend you obtain a copy and read it.

Tell him he’s dreaming!

Thursday, August 24th, 2006

I had an unusual experience the other day.

I was taking an exam as part of a course on relationships. The paper consisted of two sections. The first part contained a number of short answer questions, while the second required the writing of a short essay.

The exam was held in quite a large room with only artificial light, and there were about 40 candidates sitting. I did not know any of the other people sitting the exam.

I began the paper and handled the first section fairly well, taking about an hour. I was quite familiar with the material and it would have taken me less time except that the light was not particularly good and my eyesight is not great. As anyone who has poor sight knows, your eyes quickly become tired and you just want to close them. By the time I was ready to begin the essay I was already feeling quite tired.

At one point I suddenly woke up from a deep sleep and realised that I could hardly see. The light was down to a mere glimmer. I then realised that I had not even begun to write the essay part of the paper and I suppose I panicked a bit. I jumped up and groped through the greyness trying to find the light switch. When I found the switches I discovered that only one of the four was on. I turned on another switch and nothing happened. The next caused a computer sitting on a desk against the wall to come on, much to the surprise of someone working at that desk. By then I was beginning to get angry, especially as I then heard the examiner announce that the time for writing was finished. The fourth switch produced a small amount of light so I stormed back to my desk, muttering about the unfairness of it all.

I decided that I would write as much as I could before the papers were collected. I had not chosen a subject for the essay yet, so I decided that I would simply write out what had just occured. So, in fact, what you are now reading is the paper I produced for that exam. As I wrote I began to suspect that perhaps I was being manipulated. Perhaps all of the other students were in on the joke and I was being watched to see how I would react.

At that point the teacher went to the wall, turned a knob, and the room was flooded with light. I kept writing as long as I could and this is the point before I was forced to stop and my paper was collected.

Once the exam was over I began thinking about my reactions. Panic, anger, withdrawal (going to sleep?), feeling of injustice, paranoia, navel gazing! Then there was an intense feeling of relief – if it was a test of a different kind then I need not worry about the result of the written exam.

At that point I woke up and realised that it was all a dream – none of the above really happened! I knew I had to write the paper – I experienced myself writing it during the dream and the Lord enabled me to reproduce exactly what I had written here in this blog.

Once I realised that it was “only a dream” I was then rather mystified as to why it had happened. It seemed so real. I could still feel the emotions invoked by it.

So, my question to you, dear reader (assuming there is only one of you), is, having waded so far through this post, what was your response to finding out that it was all fiction? Perhaps you would like to post a comment in the blog (or in the linked Google group if that is where you are reading this).

Or, was it actually fiction? This was a real dream – I didn’t invent it. I believe it was a dream from God. In which case, the question you might like to answer is what is God trying to say to me?

Then, because I believe God wanted me to post this in the blog (I’m not really that mischeivous – at least not all the time), then what is God saying to YOU?

I await your responses with interest.

Welcome to Listening 2 God blog

Saturday, August 5th, 2006

Hi and welcome to Listening 2 God blog.

This blog is intended to complement the website – a website for those who want together to learn more about hearing God’s voice, and how to recognise the voice of God among the many other voices claiming our attention.

Is it possible to hear God’s voice? Since God is a person, who desires intimacy with those who he calls his friends, then of course it is possible. In fact, I believe everybody hears God speaking.The real question is – is it possible to learn to reliably recognise God’s voice?

The answer is most definitely YES!

God is not human – God is Spirit. So we would expect that hearing God might be a bit different from hearing another person. But it is not that much different, because humans also are spiritual beings, made in the image of God, and created for communion, and therefore communication, with him. God has built numerous ways into the creation by which we hear him speak. Some of these are:

* Human conscience
* Awe of his created world
* Our spirit can respond to his Spirit
* He can ‘speak’ thoughts into our mind
* The witness of the Holy Spirit – e.g. inner peace
* He speaks through other people
* Spiritual gifts, such as prophecy, tongues, interpretation of

tongues, wisdom, knowledge, discernment of spirits
* Dreams and visions
* His written word, the Bible
* And the primary revelation of God – his Son Jesus Christ

In addition, God has provided ways for us to test and confirm whether what we are hearing is accurate and really from God. This is because His is not the only voice we might hear. We can, of course, hear our own thoughts, but it is also possible to hear the thoughts of others and of angels and evil spirits.

We have learned a number of effective ways for people to sharpen their spiritual hearing and discernment,

If you would like to learn more about how to hear God’s voice, and how to check what you hear, then visit the teaching section of the website, or contact us about a course in Hearing God’s Voice. We also run courses on Intercession and Spiritual Warefare, Prayer Ministry, Intimacy with God, and the Creative Spirit.